Instituto PremieRpet®

A not-for-profit association created in 2013 to support and encourage research initiatives, studies and actions aimed at promoting the quality of life and longevity of dogs and cats, as well as several other social actions.

The Instituto PremieRpet® was created alongside the launching of PremieR Nutrição Clínica products. Our understanding is that a portion of sales revenues derived from coadjuvant foods designed for debilitated animals should be reinvested in feline and canine nutrition research that can contribute to prevent diseases and keep pets in good health.

The Instituto PremieRpet® also has a sales program for animal shelters. Through this program, dog and cat foods are sold for a symbolic price and revenues invested in projects designed to:

• Support NGOs from Shelter Veterinary Medicine Project;
• Support different social projects;
• Support events and campaigns aimed at promoting unified health.



Since its creation in 2013, the Instituto PremieRpet® has provided support and funding for dozens of canine and feline nutrition research initiatives in order to improve pet health through high-quality nutrition.
We offer scholarships and financial support for internships, doctoral and PhD programs in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and provide financial support to PhD students.

Several research projects addressing topics, such as oral and intestinal health, kidney function enhancement and ingredients used in dog and cat foods have been completed, while others are underway or about to begin. These projects were developed in collaboration with universities located in different regions of Brazil.

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Shelter Veterinary Medicine Project

We do our best to improve the welfare, quality of life and longevity not only of dogs and cats who are fortunate to have loving owners, but also of those who need a second chance.

PremieRpet® helps NGOs to increasingly improve their services by offering free technical support provided by our team of Veterinary Collective Health specialists. This initiative is a partnership with UFPR – Federal University of Paraná – and support is tailored to specific NGO needs. Working as a team we are able to promote animal welfare in shelters and increase adoption rates.


PremieRpet® institute’s Shelter Veterinary Medicine Project has helped to find a home for 2,534 dogs and cats.


The Instituto PremieRpet® has donated 60,186 kg of good quality food to pet shelters in 2020.

PremieRpet® partnership with UFPR and Projeto Medicina Veterinária de Abrigos led to drafting of the Portuguese version of the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, a technical guide addressing standards of care for animal shelters developed by the North American Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

This publication is aimed at establishing and spreading the concept of good shelter medicine practices among veterinarians, personnel and volunteers working at pet welfare NGOs, in order to enhance animal welfare and increase adoption rates.



The Instituto PremieRpet® supports this pioneer initiative in Brazil, devoted to training guide dogs. These dogs improve the quality of life of people through enhanced social integration.
Instituto PremieRpet® is enormously proud of feeding these dogs from the first weeks of life to completion of their training program. Complete, balanced foods tailored to the specific needs of Labrador dogs, such as PremieR Raças Específicas Labrador Adultos, improve the cognitive abilities of Labrador puppies as they grow and contribute to their good health in the long term, enabling them to fulfill their important role.

From the very beginning, the Instituto PremieRpet® has supported Instituto Pró-Carnívoros (Institute for Conservation of Neotropical Carnivores). The Instituto Pró-Carnívoros develops research projects aimed at ensuring long-term survival of Brazilian carnivores.

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Casa Hope is a fully philanthropic institution that provides support to children and adolescents with cancer or submitted to organ transplant. The Instituto PremieRpet® supports Projeto Adote um Leito, a project aimed at ensuring children have company while receiving treatment.

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The Instituto PremieRpet® supports the NGO Noisinho da Silva, created by young designers to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities through development of unprecedented functional products.

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The Instituto PremieRpet® supports campaigns, events, workshops and study groups focusing on Unified Health and dog and cat welfare.