NDC – Nutritional Development Center

PremieRpet® Nutritional Development Center (NDC), located right next to out industrial complex in Dourado (SP), has been part of our company from the very beginning.

The NDC is where research into food ingredients is undertaken, formulations are developed and enhanced and our foods are tested (with help from pets!) before they reach the market. PremieRpet® NDC has become a national reference and welcomes pet food scientists and pet nutrition and nutrology experts from several Brazilian universities.

We are talking about a 17000 m2 property with 1,710 m2 of building area where responsible ownership and animal welfare are taken to heart.

Our NDC team includes several veterinarians, zootechnicians, animal welfare scientists and food scientists who hold at least a Master’s degree in small animal nutrition. We also employ animal care personnel who are in charge of the care of more than 90 resident dogs and cats.

The infrastructure was designed with animal care in mind. Dog facilities include six grass paddocks with shade trees, agility training area, playground with swimming pool, heated rest area with outdoor sunroom, bath & grooming facility, food weighing area, outpatient ward and clinical laboratory. Cat facilities include outdoor sunroom, outdoor grassed enclosures with cat-proof fencing and netting, recreation room, temperature-controlled rest area, quarantine facilities, maternity ward and clinical laboratory. Ongoing medical care is provided by a team of specialists and frequent check-ups.